The Power of UV Light

UV light is proven to kill COVID-19 and other harmful pathogens. The SteriSpin™ uses a multi-barrier approach combining UV and Ozone to penetrate through the mask and ensure your safety, while leaving the mask fresh for the next time you need to rely on it.

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Combining UV and Healthcare Knowledge

We are UV experts with a long history in disinfection equipment design and scientific excellence. The SteriSpin™  is designed with input from healthcare professionals for use in a clinical setting. We stay up to date on the latest scientific literature and recommended practices for PPE reuse, so you don't have to.

A Medical Grade Solution

If you have to reuse a mask, you don't want someone else's. Healthcare professionals recommend disinfecting your own mask to make sure you get it back.  The SteriSpin™ is small enough to fit at a nurse's station, yet powerful enough to clean a mask in under 10 minutes.

Applied UV Science

We use UV intensity models, validated by experimental measurement, to ensure uniform dose distribution throughout the treatment zone. Our patented rotating carousel ensures uniform light delivery to all surfaces of the mask. In situ ozone generation ensures mask penetration and freshness.



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