Our Story

A Response to COVID-19

When the COVID-19 crisis highlighted dwindling N95 and surgical mask supplies and the need for reuse, we responded. As a team of experienced business leaders and UV disinfection professionals, we applied our scientific knowledge, manufacturing know-how, regulatory and commercialization experience to create SteriSpin™, a purposefully designed solution for mask decontamination. Join us on our journey to bring this product into the healthcare space to save lives and improve the planet by reducing waste generated through disposable masks. 

The Team


Robert A.H. Brunet, MESc., P.Eng

 Robert Brunet is an accomplished engineer, intellectual property professional and business leader.  Robert developed first-hand experience in technology commercialization while working in industrial research and development for a world-leading manufacturer of UV disinfection equipment, where he had successive technology and business roles. Later, he honed his skills by working with biotechnology, petrochemical and medical manufacturing companies as in-house counsel and outside advisor for portfolio management and commercialization, completing several successful licensing transactions. Robert has also been active in renewable energy, having lead a startup manufacturing company in that space. Robert obtained Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering from Western University (Canada) and is a registered patent agent. Robert founded the firm Brunet & Co., a patent and trademark agency, in 2006 with offices in Toronto and London.  

Dr. Housyn Mahmoud, PhD

Dr. Mahmoud has extensive research and engineering experience in UV disinfection, having worked in Research & Development for a world-leading manufacturer of UV disinfection systems. His research interests include water and wastewater treatment processes, as well as air treatment using UV light. In addition, to his peer-reviewed publications in noted academic journals, Dr. Mahmoud is a practical and hands-on experimentalist whose input into experimental protocol and microbiological validation ensures that the SteriSpin meets the highest scientific standards.


Ronald H. Hall

Mr. Hall is a successful entrepreneur and serial inventor, having commercialized dozens of new products in the agriculture, energy, construction and utility sectors. He has an international track record of manufacturing and commercial success and is a seasoned business leader with decades of executive experience.